LSC opportunities

Knowledge-Base Enrichment and Insight Generation

Working as a consultant in the life sciences industry, you will develop sector-specific knowledge, a strong strategic mind-set and deep understanding of medical/clinical language.
You will soon learn how to perform focused research and bring managerial and commercial insights to shape the Healthcare industry.

International Exposure and High Client Exposure

We are able to offer positions with immediate short and long-term cross-office opportunities.
You will immediately make the difference, taking on full responsibility for your tasks and be exposed to the different functions of your clients' organizations.

Consistently with your maturity and professional growth, you will have the opportunity to make contact, cultivate relationships and drive positive changes for clients.

Accelerated Professional Growth

We believe in an open and flexible environment, with a flatter organizational structure that allows our consultants to have a more direct access to managers and partners. Since your first day at LSC, you will closely work with one of our managers and you will receive mentoring and fast knowledge transfer.

Talented, Committed and Agile Team Mates

Our consultants are knowledgeable and have diverse backgrounds and experiences, as well as excellent language skills. They are agile towards our clients' commitments i.e. they are able to carry on multiple assignments at a time and can continuously refocus their attention to emerging clients' priorities. Within a short period of time, you will have the opportunity to work on multiple projects and learn from all our Team members. Our consultants distinguish themselves very soon at the eyes of our clients for their knowledge, their commitment and uncompromised reliability. You normally walk the extra mile for your client.

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