CASE - Patient Support Program: design a Global Franchise strategy and enable consistent local execution by affiliates

Client Need

Launching a biosimilar product in a crowded, undifferentiated and highly relationship driven market, where competitors have traditionally offered extensive Patient and HCP support programs for over 15 years, is not an easy task in itself. Especially so, if one needs to establish such a presence in order to prepare the market for a follow-on game changing product.

The client needed to:

  1. Prevent barriers to prescription and ensure successful initiation of therapy,
  2. Enhance adherence and retention,
  3. Drive choice of prescription, attract new patients through differentiation (in selected cases),
  4. Reinforce the franchise image,
  5. Untap synergies though a Pan-EU services model.


Effective concept design required a profound market landscape understanding, which was achieved through the analysis of patient journey and needs as well as benchmarking competitors' core offerings. With this input, we developed both core and advanced service model strategic frameworks and an actionable implementation plan.

The support to implementation of the concept across 12 EU markets required customizations and integrations without losing the sight of overall Pan-EU service model core objectives. We closely followed country affiliates along each step of concept implementation, assessed their alignment and readiness, and designed measures of success (KPIs).

Service model design evolution required the selection of longer-term service model objectives to support the franchise and to leverage the availability of new digital channels. We developed a framework of selection criteria, designed functionalities of each new offering, facilitated internal compliance approval and developed a Global toolbox for country affiliates ("PSP-in-a-Box").


  • 12 EU Countries implemented the designed Service Model, other EU and non-EU countries recommended to implement
  • More than 20 types of Services implemented
  • Significant improvement of patient outcomes and reduction in therapy discontinuations
  • Continuous support to the franchise over 5 consecutive years to design and implement Global and country affiliate Service Models at launch and their evolutions and upgrades over time.

Designed and developed by: Brand039