CASE - Innovative commercial deals: outcome and capitation-based offerings in Diabetes

Client Need

Diabetes is a major concern for Public Payers, who are looking at ways to improve control of disease while limiting and maintaining spending.

Economic conditions and Generics entry in the market put at risk our Client's Diabetes portfolio, despite significant benefits in terms of clinical outcomes versus competitors.

Major Public Institutions increase pressure on drugs' margins, an easy-to-control budget item.

The Client needed to:

  1.  Identify opportunities/initiatives to maximize penetration and revenues in the public market,
  2.  Leveraging its complete portfolio of treatments for Diabetes.



An innovative population-based offering was developed for the Client, encompassing the whole drug portfolio, complemented by value added services, population management systems and a benefit maximizing pricing scheme. The offering had clear benefits for Payers/Accounts, in terms of cost control and improved clinical outcomes.

We supported the client through a 4-phase program in all markets:

  1. Offering design and optimization based on extensive epidemiology, cost and clinical data review
  2. Epidemiology and economic modelling for each target Account, to determine costs and benefits
  3. Targeting, offering adjustment and negotiation support with all identified Accounts
  4. Detailed offering design and implementation of the negotiated program with each Account


  • Discussion and offering presentation to more than 40 Accounts across markets
  • The offering was used to develop additional solutions and spread to all Emerging Markets
  • Transformation of a few countries' commercial structure through a deal-oriented approach
  • Deals above 20mln USD were reached with 3 Accounts already during the project

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