CASE – Developing levers of post-launch physicians engagement

Client Need

Maximization of a product's performance after launch requires thorough understanding of market drivers and, in particular, of physicians' needs and behaviours. Inconsistencies and delays in the diagnosis and care pathway, insufficient medical education regarding a new technology available and lack of experience are all factors that can hinder the performance of an innovative product.

The Client needed to:

  1. Identify levers to maximize drug potential,
  2. Develop a consistent strategy to prioritize investments
  3. "Operationalize" the product strategy into clear and powerful tactical plans.


Care pathways were analysed in depth through secondary and primary research, to identify and quantify bottlenecks in the patient flow that limit the patient base that can benefit from the client's drug. Physicians' choices were discussed through in-depth focus groups and interviews, in order to identify the main reasons of dissatisfaction with the drug as well as the criteria for decision making that were leading to underutilization in selected and approved (i.e. in label) categories of patients.

A revised market penetration strategy was built based on:

  1. Ensuring expansion of the physicians' base with direct experience of the drug and its use,
  2. Building a patient segmentation based on efficacy and safety criteria as well as rationale for patient treatment,
  3. Improving referral from primary care to specialty care institutions/HCPs, where treatment decisions related to the pathology are taken.

The overarching strategy was transformed into a series of selected tactics, which were built into a comprehensive tactical plan (by country): tactics were adapted by market to ensure consistency with local care pathways and maximization of their impact on patients' access to treatment.


  • Rapidly revamped the go-to-market strategy and its execution across countries
  • Significantly increase market potential for the drug and patient access to treatment
  • Ensured consistency of strategic approach together with localization of strategic drivers

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