CASE - Building pre-launch physicians engagement plans to support product strategy

Client Need

Market preparation in Europe requires significant pre-launch activities. In particular, KOL engagement is key to achieve the correct positioning of a product in the market before launch: this will affect both chances of approval and actual recognition of the product's value by the final users.
The Client needed to:

  1. Identify key physicians to engage in pre-launch medical activities,
  2. Select activities to be deployed in the EU market before launch,
  3. Develop and track individualized plans for each selected physician, based on his/her needs and professional goals.


In-depth understanding of physicians' objectives and interests is key to build a targeted Medical Affairs plan: our approach leveraged to this objective all the available information inside the company as well as additional research (e.g. publications, relations, media releases, social media public information), building and analysing a comprehensive and unique database of information.

Based on a panel of several activities that Medical Affairs functions can rely upon (e.g. ph3b-4 studies, registries, CME, congresses and symposia, MSLs activities), we associated each physician's profile and interests to a potential "set of interactions" which would cover mutual interests of the company and the KOL. The approach was adapted in a centre-by-centre fashion, ensuring all detailed local knowledge of a single centre and physician was actually incorporated into planning. 

Centre-by-centre plans were then transformed into country-by-country plans and associated with metrics and tools to help Medical Affairs track the progress in implementation of the activities as well as understand and evaluate the benefit that such activities generated to physicians and their feedback.


  • Database with comprehensive information on >600 hospitals and physicians in EU was built, ensuring cross functional understanding of the medical community in the therapeutic area
  • Monthly engagement plans for >150 centres were drafted, with a multi-functional view: ease of access and in-depth analysis ensured all activities' plans were fully-informed
  • The project helped set up the Medical Affairs function in EU, providing objectives and training

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