CASE - Achieving Price Premium in a Generic Market: identifying differential value drivers and go-to-market

Client Need

Market access negotiations these days in Europe can be a daunting task due to the increasing budget pressures on healthcare expenditure. This is especially the case, if the market of reference is mainly generic and widely perceived as being undifferentiated.
The Client needed to:

  1. Identify key value drivers that could be used to build a value story,
  2. Analyse the viability of the drug business case with innovative commercial agreements schemes,
  3. Conceptualize country-specific go-to-market strategy involving innovative commercial agreements.


In-depth comparators clinical data analysis was key to identifying the unique value proposition of the drug that was previously regarded as undifferentiated. A proprietary model was developed based on the identified value drivers, which translated the product's superior profile as a stand-alone agent as well as relative to the competitors into the value in economic terms.

The theoretical value calculated by the model was subsequently adjusted for claim strength and probability of value capture, resulting into the product's price for each of the 6 EU markets. Based on the resulting prices and a thorough understanding of local Payers profiles and archetypes, the viability of drug commercialization was assessed.

Country-by-country Payers profiling and archetyping was transformed into country-by-country go-to-market strategies, which would serve as the foundation for market access discussions in the Phase II of the project.


  • A proprietary model developed to define the inherent value of the product
  • Claims strength analysis model translated the value into the price to be captured by the client
  • High level country-specific innovative commercial offerings developed for each of the top-6 EU countries
  • The project served as the foundation for the top management positive decision on the commercialization of the product

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